The Magic Corner Workshop is live, and is:

             Who: For anyone interested in learning Magic at any level.

             What: Monthly Magic Lessons - Sign up below to stay informed.

                         - Lessons are focused on different subjects throughout the year.

                         - Help with creating a Magic Show/ Routine

                         - Do you own Magic apparatus and not sure how it's used or what                             it's for? I can help. 

             When: 3rd Friday of every month. 6 to 8 pm

             Where: Home address. Information made available by signing up to

                           our mailing list. Link below.

             Why: To help encourage and grow the next generation of Magicians 

             How: Sign up to the Workshop Mailing List. Link below.

                        Also check out our Facebook page for updates.

Pictures from the Magic Corner Workshop Performance Night, which is held once per year, and gives Magician's a chance to perform for a live audience.